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Here is the list of our currently available titles.

Pete the Popcorn


This is the one that started it all. Pete the Popcorn was created when co-author Joe Kelley's nephew was being bullied in school. We wanted to write a book that would teach kids an important lesson that has been forgotten in recent years: be nice to each other, help each other and ENCOURAGE each other. That's how Pete the Popcorn kernel got his name: P.E.T.E. stands for Pursuing Excellence Through Encouragement. This fun and colorful book will be a favorite story for years to come!

Clipper the Comet


Joe is from a suburb of Detroit, Michigan and Nick is from Toledo, Ohio. Cars are a big thing. And both authors were lucky to have special relationships with their Grandparents. This book pays tribute to both subjects. Through the eyes of a 1975 Mercury Comet, this story teaches kids great lessons about taking pride in their work and valuing their family. Unique illustrations created by the authors make this book a true labor of love. And parents will be amazed by the vocabulary workout this book provides for children.    

Casey and Callie Cupcake 


Casey and Callie Cupcake is a Frosted Fable About Being Fantastic Just the Way You Are! These two chocolate cupcakes are baked inside Cake in a Cup, which is a real cupcake shop in Toledo, Ohio (not to mention a winner on Food Network's Cupcake Wars). Taking a look at Casey, Callie says, "I'm better than you are!" And then the battle begins... these cupcakes jump into so many different toppings and frostings to be better than the other! At the end, through the help and encouragement of wise old Crusty the Carrot Cupcake, Casey and Callie learn they were perfect just the way they are!

First Photo of The Royal Baby 


First Photo of The Royal Baby is a Flashy Fable About a Simple Smile! You never know who is watching you, looking up to you or trying to be just like you! So always be your best--- a simple smile can go a long way!

This book will conjure memories for parents of their child's first portrait. And children will delight at reading about this royal baby who just doesn't want to smile.

Crusty Cupcake's Happy Birthday! 



Crusty Cupcake's Happy Birthday: Friendships Last Forever is an amazingly colorful book to teach children about gratitude! Taking place inside Nom Nom's Cupcake Factory, a real cupcake store in the Detroit, Michigan area, this story is sure to generate some laughs.

Crusty the Cupcake returns to teach young Paisley Brooke Jackson, the peanut butter and jelly cupcake, all about the gift that is friendship! 
Children will delight in the illustrations, while adults will be impressed with the intelligent vocabulary-building dialogue.
Pete the Popcorn 2: Popcorns Practicing Principles! 



Look who popped up! Join Pete the Popcorn and his friend Patty as they embark on this new adventure of friendship and honesty. Taking place in Naples, Florida, this story features The Popcorn Cellar--- a real gourmet popcorn distributor! 


New characters are introduced, including Policeman Parker Popcorn! 


This fun story continues Pete the Popcorn's tradition of positive message for children of all ages. 

Gilbert the Grasshopper


Based on a true story, Gilbert the Grasshopper is the tale of an overly curious grasshopper who finds himself on an airplane! Read as Gilbert learns about traveling and then shares his knowledge with others. 


This book marks the most personal release for author Nick Rokicki, as it stems from his career with an airline. This "crossover" book is designed for children graduating from full-color storybooks to chapter books.


The most exciting part of this project? The book is illustrated by sixth-grade student Megan "The Cartoonist" Jurek. We believe in people encouraging each other... and we gave Megan this opportunity to encourage her to follow her dreams. It's our hope that she inspires other children to do the same.

PETE: Play, Eat, Think, Encourage



Pecky Popcorn is a new student, arriving at Popcorn Prep. She is kind, polite and dressed to impress... but Pecky is just a bit bigger than all the other popcorns! 


Pesky bully Piper Popcorn is quick to point this out to newcomer Pecky. So Pete and Patty Popcorn must step in to save the day! Through their plan of PETE: Play, Eat, Think, Encourage, Patty and Pete show Pecky how easy it is to live a healthy life.


This book is designed for parents with children who may be a little overweight, the children themselves, the kids that may pick on them--- and the children standing on the sidelines, watching it all happen.


PETE: Play, Eat, Think, Encourage is definitely a book designed for families to read together... to use as they embark on their own lifestyle changes.



Mason the Pickle




Mason the Pickle is just like any other pickle. He likes to dance and sing and play sports. He's a great student and he's inquisitive. But he also has Type 1 Diabetes. And this is all people see in him.


This book, a partnership with Diabetes Youth Services, is great for any

child who is looking to embrace the qualities that make up their own



You'll flip for Mason--- the cutest pickle any of us have ever met!



The Trashy Hootenanny


What is a Hootenanny? Who is invited to attend? What will they say? What will they do?


Join Bethany the Cockroach, Julian the Maggot, Krystal the Ant and more, as they embark on this crazy adventure. 


This 14,000 word chapter book will teach children about dialogue and dialect, preparing them for a lifetime of reading. 

The Ideaparnockolis


"You never know when you'll have an idea that will change the world..."


These fantastical creatures, The Ideaparnockolis, have crept their way into classrooms across the country, as teachers have used this story to spark creative writing assignments.


The Ideaparnockolis is a children's picture book inspired by Dr. Seuss. Children will learn about the value of creativity and thinking outside-the-box. 



Murdick's Mackinaw Mystery



Murdick's Mackinaw Mystery takes place in and around historical and tourist landmarks in Mackinaw City, Michigan.


If you've ever been to Mackinaw City with your family, you know that tasting fudge is a big part of the experience! Through this fun and mysterious story, children will learn about family traditions, travel and more!


This book is a partnership with Aaron Murdick's Fudge, with locations in Mackinaw City and Frankenmuth, Michigan. 







Crusty Cupcake's Christmas Catastrophe



Crusty Cupcake's Christmas Catastrophe brings back the lovable character of Crusty the Carrot Cupcake.


This time, Crusty is busy helping the other cupcakes at Campbell's Sweets Factory in Cleveland, Ohio prepare for the arrival of the Christmas Cupcakes!


While children learn about identifying your talents and working in teams, find out what happens when fire breaks out in the kitchen!


This story abounds with important lessons for kids... and makes a great gift!







Pete the Popcorn: Pickles, Peppers and Paprikas



Pete the Popcorn: Pickles, Peppers and Paprikas features World Famous restauarant, Tony Packo's! 


Pete and Patty welcome three new friends, Panni, Patrik and Petra--- who are Hungarian Foreign Exchange Students. On the way back from their camping trip in Northern Michigan, the students of Popcorn Prep stop at Tony Packo's for some Hungarian Hot Dogs!


The story teaches kids to embrace the heritage of others, learn about the way different people live and also encourages them to try new things!








Smok'n Pigs vs. Bakin' Briskets



Smok'n Pigs vs. Bakin' Briskets is a silly story about sportsmanship!


The Smok'n Pigs, led by Coach Old Ben, are taking on the Bakin' Briskets, with their Coach, Cream the Cow. 


The game takes an unexpected turn when a playbook comes up missing... and all of the characters learn a very important message about winning (or losing) graciously. 


This book is a partnership with Smok'n Pig BBQ, with locations in Valdosta and Macon, Georgia!








Pete the Popcorn: Proudly Pinching Pennies



Book number FIVE in our Pete the Popcorn series is a partnership with Directions Credit Union, serving people in Northern Ohio and Southeast Lower Michigan with 20 locations.


Join Pete and Patty as they learn all about money--- and the best way to save it! Patty receives money for her birthday but Pete encourages her to purchase a piggy bank instead of a purse.


When the piggy bank is full, Patty's Grandpa Paw Paw takes her to Directions Credit Union, where the popcorns learn that saving can be fun and rewarding.


Don't miss this humorous addition to the popcorn family!







Bernie Bee's Brimming Book of Benevolence



Bernie Bee's Brimming Book of Benevolence is all about kindess and cooking! Join Bernie as she attends classes at the Brainery of Bee Business, where Beatrice the Bee is buzzing mad!

This book marks the first fully-colored children's books by 9th-grade illustrator Megan "The Cartoonist" Jurek.

The title is sponsored by Bumble Olive Oil Company, who is proud to join the battle for children's literacy!







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