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Thanks so much for visiting our Media Kit. Below, you will find press releases, videos, past news articles and more. If, at any time, you need to speak with one of the authors for a quote for an article or to schedule an interview, please call (248) 736-5955 to speak with Deb Harvest, who can connect you immediately.

If you would like to view a complete PDF file of any of our books, please email  and you will be sent a secure link. 



Media has full rights to reproduce any images contained in full book PDF files for printed or online articles. 

Murdick's Mackinaw Mystery Press Release

July, 2015







The Toledo Blade

February, 2012​

Idaho State Journal

September, 2012​

Toledo Free Press

March, 2013​

Detroit Free Press

March, 2013​

Westland Observer

March, 2013​



Author Nick Rokicki, appearing on Full Plate with Rebecca Regnier, to discuss Pete the Popcorn: Pickles, Peppers and Paprikas!

Author Nick Rokicki appearing with Charity Freeman on NBC's Better Living. Nick and Charity discuss the books and the messages contained within. 

Author Nick Rokicki appearing on CBS News with Illusatrator Megan Jurek, the youngster who has illustrated two of our books!

Pete the Popcorn Character Reading

Casey and Callie Cupcake on ABC News

Pete the Popcorn on ABC News

Where's Nick? Promo for Casey and Callie Cupcake

Fayetteville, North Carolina School Visit

Joe and Nick, having some fun at Aaron Murdick's Fudge, while promoting the release of Murdick's Mackinaw Mystery!

Lexington, Kentucky School Visit

Carson City, Nevada School Visit

Pocatello, Idaho School Visit Day One

Billings, Montana School Visit

Pocatello, Idaho School Visit Day Two

Encouragement Across America, NBC News Billings

Encouragement Across America, NBC News Rapid City

Rapid City, South Dakota School Visit, Day One

Rapid City, South Dakota School Visit, Day Two

Mason City, Iowa School Visit

Des Moines, Iowa School Visit, Day One

Summer Book Swap Community Initiative

Des Moines, Iowa School Visit, Day Two

Nick and Joe in a Parade, Giving Free Books!

Nick and Joe talk Clipper & Summer Reading

Nick Rokicki on Your Day, discussing Clipper the Comet

Clipper the Comet Video Trailer

Nick and Joe talk Pete the Popcorn with Sandy Bennett

Nick Rokicki on Your Day, discussing Pete the Popcorn



"The strongest form of encouragement is a child encouraging another child."

-Nick Rokicki, on the message behind Amazon bestseller, Pete the Popcorn

"The answer to bullying is not added legislation or more paperwork for teachers to be encumbered by. The answer is teaching children, at a very young age, to be kind and encourage each other."

-Joe Kelley, speaking to a parent-teacher conference on bullying

"When was the last time someone encouraged you? Think about how it made you feel. And then think of the simplicity with which it was done. If kids learn how to do this at a very young age, imagine the world in 20 years."

-Nick Rokicki, in forthcoming book for adults, centered around the theme of encouragement

"As someone from the metro Detroit area, I grew up loving cars and caring for the blue-collar workers that build them. It was an honor to write a story presenting this message to children in a fun-loving way that also celebrates grandparents."

-Joe Kelley, speaking at the release of Clipper the Comet

"My grandfather worked at the Jeep factory in Toledo, Ohio for 38 years. Workers like him built this country. They need to be celebrated. And Clipper the Comet was a great way to do it. Plus, it has been fun driving the real car."

-Nick Rokicki, on the reason for writing Clipper the Comet

"It's one thing to learn to accept others for who they are, but it's even tougher to accept yourself for who you are. I sure hope children learn, through a fun story about cupcakes and frosting, that they are perfect just the way they are."

-Joe Kelley, at the premiere reading of Casey and Callie Cupcake

"Society is so hung up on material things and judging people from the way they look on the outside. Casey and Callie Cupcake  was the most fun way that we could relate this message to the mind of a child. Who doesn't like cupcakes?"

-Nick Rokicki, promoting Casey and Callie Cupcake

"I've always looked up to the Royal Family, because, at the end of the day, it really is a family. People around the world look up to the Queen... and when she smiles, I can't help but smile. And smiling makes everything better."

-Joe Kelley, speaking about First Photo of The Royal Baby

"There is a fascination with the Royal Family that resonates with certain people in every country around the World. We are using this moment in history to send another message for kids: a simple smile transcends all language."

-Nick Rokicki, on First Photo of The Royal Baby



Nick Rokicki reading Pete the Popcorn

Students participate in a Pete the Popcorn reading

Joe Kelley pictured with the real Clipper the Comet

Joe Kelley and Nick Rokicki, with young fans at the

premiere reading of Casey and Callie Cupcake

Nick Rokicki and Joe Kelley at Mt. Rushmore

Joe Kelley and Nick Rokicki, reading their books at 

the Pyramids in Egypt

Joe Kelley and Nick Rokicki, reading their books at The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy

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